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VitaVitro 1-step Culture Medium
VitaVitro 1-step Culture Medium is designed for continuous culture from Day 1 to 5, with no dish or medium change required.

VitaVitro 1-step Culture Medium combined with VitaVitro WOW Dishes maximizes

opportunity to produce high-quality embryos in vitro.

VitaVitro WOW (Well-of-Well) Culture Dish is designed for culturing embryos following fertilization to the blastocyst stage.
The VitaVitro WOW Culture Dish is an advanced culture dish designed for IVF that allows group culture of embryos while maintaining individual separation between the embryos and re-creates the three-dimensional in vitro environment for embryos. The semi-globe connected to straight walls – a kind of inverted sugar-loaf shape microwells allow dilution of light waste materials and increased concentration of heavy autocrine and paracrine factors around the embryos. The flat-bottom microwells are designed for individual microscopic evaluation or Time-Lapse follow-up, providing options for special needs.


In 2021, a prospective, self paired study was carried out in Europe, including 24 subjects aged 30-39 years, with a total of 206 oocytes.

The results shows that in the test group, the fertilization rate was 81%, the blastocyst formation rate was 65%, and the high-quality blastocyst formation rate was 87%.

*blastocyst formation rate = (D5/6 Total number of blastocyst) / 2PN Number of fertilized oocytes *100%
*High quality blastocyst formation rate =Number of High-quality blastocysts / Number of formatted blastocysts*100%


Embryo Production System

This video demonstrated how Well-of-the-well culture dish works.


1. Vaita G., Peura T.T., Holm P., Páldi A., Greve T., Trounson A.O., Callesen H. New method of culture of zona-included or zona-free embryos: the well of the well (WOW) system. Mol. Reprod. Dev. 2000; 55(3): 256–264. DOI:10.1002/(sici)1098-2795(200003)55:3<256::aid-mrd3>;2-7.

2. Vajta G., Kőrösi T., Du Y., Nakata K., leda S., Kuwayama M., Nagy Z.P. The Well-of-the-Well system: an efficient approach to improve embryo development. Reprod Biomed Online. 2008; 17(1): 73-81. DOI: 10.1016/S1472-6483(10)60296-9.

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Product NameVolume(mL)Catalog No.
VitaVitro 1-step Culture Medium (With HSA)
VitaVitro Well-of-the-well (WOW) Culture Dish
 Material safety data sheet
VitaVitro 1-step Culture Medium MSDS
 Quality control
VitaVitro 1-step Culture Medium (With HSA)

Osmotic pressure:250-290 mOsm/kg

pH: 7.2-7.6

Endotoxin:< 0.25EU/mL

Sterility test:Passed

Mouse embryo assay (1-cell):≥ 80% development to blastocyst at 96 hours