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Open Pulled Straw

Introduced by Professor Gábor Vajta in 1998, OPS is recognized as one of the best high-rate cooling-warming vitrification methods, widely respected for its efficiency, practicality, and versatility.


  • Utilizes capillary action for simple loading with a defined solution volume.
  • Protect samples from evaporation and mechanical damage during handling.
  • Simplifies warming and dilution into a single step and utilizes the mild pressure from the expanding warm air to ensure safe expelling.
  • Uniquely suited for cryopreservation of biopsied or zona-free embryos due to the protection provided by the straw, the lace of adhesion to surfaces and trauma-free loading/expelling.

The Open Pulled Straw (OPS) was the first purpose-designed tool for ultra-rapid vitrification, and the vitrification method that offered solution for aseptic storage, the sterile container-straw technique.

Ordering Information
Code Pruduct Name Contents Quality Control
ZG-1.0 Vitavitro Straw Set Red *1




Endotoxin < 0.5EU/ml

Mouse Embryo Assay ≥80%

Sterility Test

VitaVitro Straw Set is available in Europe, Asia, US as well as other selected countries and regions, please contact us for more information.

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