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VitaVitro passed the annual audit of BSI

With the concerted efforts of all employees, the quality management system of VitaVitro passed the annual audit of British Standards Institute (BSI) on June 7, 2022, and no nonconformities were found during the audit.

During the on-site audit, BSI auditors carefully reviewed all parts of our quality management system, systematically inspected and analyzed the core processes such as production control, quality inspection, water production system, environmental monitoring, facilities and equipment maintenance, had in-depth exchanges and discussions with our professionals, and gave professional guidance and suggestions. After the audit, the auditors of BSI spoke highly of the quality management system of our company.

This audit is the triennial update audit of ISO 13485 quality management system certificate, and covers the annual audit of CE quality management system certificate. With a more confident attitude, VitaVitro fully demonstrated the operation of the management system to the auditors. With the passing of this audit, it also proves once again that the quality management system of VitaVitro is becoming more and more mature, and the product quality assurance ability is steadily improving. By obtaining the updated ISO 13485 Certificate (see the left figure below), our company will continue the validity of the CE comprehensive quality assurance system certificate (see the right figure below).

Taking the results of this audit as an opportunity, VitaVitro will, as always, maintain the high-level operation of the quality management system, scientifically and effectively strictly observe the product quality, constantly improve our core competitiveness, full play the product advantages, release the brand potential, and actively realize the steady growth of international business while serving the domestic market. With innovation as the engine and scientific research as the driving force, VitaVitro is committed to providing integrated solutions for global assisted reproduction laboratories. With the steady progress of the company's commercialization, we are confident that our technology and service will bring happiness to more and more families.

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