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1-Step Culture Medium

VitaVitro® 1-Step Culture Medium offers its full benefits when combined with the VitaVitro® WOW (Well-of-the-Well) culture dish. Together, they form a uniquely effective culture system that meets all the chemical and physical needs of human embryos following fertilization until day 5-6 of development.


  • Helps minimize stress for cultured embryos.
  • Can support any culture system adopted by individual clinics.
  • Works with general incubators or Time-Lapse systems.
  • Use with any standard embryo culture oil.
  • Use effectively with or without WOW.

VitaVitro® 1-Step Culture Medium also forms part of our comprehensive range of IVF media.

to Blastocyst at
96 hours using different media*
MEA Development to Blastocyst at 96 hours using different media*
Ordering Information
Pruduct Name Volume (mL) Code
1-Step Culture Medium (with HSA)
Quality Control
  • Osmolality:
  • Recommended pH:
  • Endotoxin:
  • Sterility:
  • Mouse embryo assay (1-cell):
  • 250-290mOsm/kg
  • 7.3±0.1
  • <0.25EU/mL
  • Passed (Ph. Eur.. USP)
  • ≤ 80% development to blastocyst at 96 hours