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Gamete Buffer Medium is intended for oocyte and embryo washing and short-term manipulation outside the incubator, including ICSI and embryo transfer.

HEPES buffered and
designed for use in ambient atmosphere conditions.
Contains antioxidants and
nonessential amino acids.
Ready-to-use with HSA.
pH of Gamete Buffer Medium
DATA:pH of Gamete Buffer Medium
Ordering Information
Pruduct Name Volume (mL) Code
Gamete Buffer Medium
60 V008060
Quality Control
  • Osmolality:
  • Recommended pH:
  • Endotoxin:
  • Sterility:
  • Mouse embryo assay (1-cell):
  • 260-290mOsm/kg
  • 7.3±0.1
  • <0.25EU/mL
  • Passed (Ph. Eur.. USP)
  • ≤ 80% development to blastocyst at 96 hours