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Blog introduction

Hello Colleagues,

Please let me introduce myself first. My name is Gábor Vajta, I am a medical doctor, human pathologist, I also made a PhD in pathology. Then with a sudden change, I turned to embryology, from the end of life to the beginning, to change from the most depressing profession to the most creative one.

During my 40 years in research, I was resident in five countries of Europe, America and
Oceania. Currently,  I am citizen in two countries, and a permanent resident in a third one  - China.

After I had turned to embryology I was invited to make lectures or workshops in approximately 50 countries; published 146 papers including 28 reviews (PubMed) obtained four professorial titles in four institutions of three continents; wrote six books and contributed in various book chapters. My works were cited in approx. 14,500 papers (Google Scholar), and my h-index is 64 (don’t ask me what it is; I only know it is not very bad).

Right now, I am a freelance international consultant in human and domestic animal embryology. My main fields are cryopreservation,  embryo culture, and animal (strictly not human!) cloning.

During my long life, I have created or contributed to six innovations in the fields of vitrification, embryo culture,  timelapse, incubation, embryo handling, and somatic cell nuclear transfer.

My connection to China started in 2003 when the first Chinese PhD student arrived in my Danish laboratory. She was followed by three others, all extremely motivated, hard-working and highly efficient. Based mostly on their work our team was elected as the most successful scientific group in Denmark in 2007.

I joined VitaVitro company as a cofounder to produce top-quality equipment and media for mammalian (predominantly human) assisted reproduction. The past four years of this company can be truly described as a success story. From a startup, it has rapidly emerged to an internationally acknowledged, exciting and promising new venture. I am proud to be the CSA (Chief Scientific Advisor) of the company – VitaVitro, I love to contribute in the advancement, to work together with the extremely enthusiastic and highly professional team, and enjoy to see the expansion of covered fields and capacities.

In this blog, I try to give you some background information about certain fields of laboratory embryology including vitrification and embryo culture, fields where I was both eyewitness and active participant during the past 30 years. Hope you excuse me my relaxed style, I simply cannot be more serious than absolutely indispensable.  Also, in some issues, I will be frank, as I want to share with you my personal opinion. Anyway, we – embryologists – are a family, and should be honest to each other – that is our common interest, and that of the prospective mothers, fathers and babies.