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Chapter 3 : Solutions: myths and truths - What was first, the egg or the chicken? I can’t answer this ancient question, but I definitely know that the first successful cryopreservation was done on poultry… no, not egg, but sperm. A remarkable story, rather typical than exceptional in…More
Chapter 2 : Devices and cooling-warming rates - As mentioned earlier, early vitrification experiments have been performed in the traditional vessels of cryopreservation, i.e. 0.25 ml plastic insemination straws or cryovials. These tools were not designed for the special purpose, had a thick wall and required a relatively…More
Chapter 1 : What is vitrification and why do we like it? - Vitrification is one of the most used words in embryology - and the most misinterpreted one. To prove this statement, please let me cite a few sentences from homepages of respected IVF clinics worldwide: “Vitrification is the practice of freezing…More
Blog introduction - Hello Colleagues, Please let me introduce myself first. My name is Gábor Vajta, I am a medical doctor, human pathologist, I also made a PhD in pathology. Then with a sudden change, I turned to embryology, from the end of…More