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Open-pulled Straw

Introduced by Professor Gábor Vajta in 1998.


Touch the droplet with the narrow and of the straw and the capillary effect will force the medium to enter it.Put the straw into liquid nitrogen for vitrification immediately,and then transfer the straw into the pre-cooled container.

Tightly cover the wide end of the straw with your index fingers.The medium will flow out from the straw as a result of the increased pressure of warming air inside the straw.

*VitaVitro Straw Set has CE and NMPA certification , also is available in the USA.Please contact us to get more information.

Please contact us to get more information.


1. Vajta G., Holm P., Kuwayama, M., Booth P. J., Jacobsen H., Greve T., Callesen H. Open pulled straw (OPS) vitrification: A new way to reduce cryoinjuries of bovine ova and embryos. Molecular Reproduction and Development, 1998, 51(1): 53-58.

2. Kuleshova L., Gianaroli L., Magli C. Ferraretti A., Trounson A. Birth following vitrification of a small number of human oocytes: Case Report. Human Reproduction, 1999; 14(12): 3077–3079.

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4. Reubinoff, B. E., Pera, M. F., Vajta, G., & Trounson, A. O. (2001). Effective cryopreservation of human embryonic stem cells by the open pulled straw vitrification method. Human Reproduction, 16(10), 2187–2194.

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