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Join us at 75th ASRM in Philadelphia

VitaVitro sincerely invite you to visit our booth No. 801 from 14th to 16th October in ASRM.

We will share the new IVF products from gametes to embryos, including Flushing Buffer Medium, Fertilization Medium, Culture Medium, Gamete Buffer Medium, Vitrification and Warming Medium. During the 3 days conference, our Chief Scientist Professor Gabor has provided workshop about embryology to all the friends visited to our booth, we believe that the direct connection with the technology inventor will help tremendously for all the sides.

Meet our Chief Scientist Prof. Gábor Vajta

Prof. Gábor Vajta is a worldwide renowned expert in cryopreservation, embryo culture and somatic cell nuclear transfer.

His first publication on OPS in 1998 is one of the most cited papers in reproductive cryobiology. With 12 review articles and numerous hands-on workshops and lectures worldwide, Professor Vajta has contributed substantially to the general acknowledgement that vitrification is the optimal approach of cryopreservation to the human oocytes and embryos.

VitaVitro is proud to collaborate with Professor Vajta in delivering the first full and complete OPS system.