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Vitavitro Biotech provides a comprehensive range of professional IVF laboratory support services.

We are available to assist with laboratory establishment ,laboratoty management, and technology upgrades.

  • WOW Dish
  • Crybox
  • Cutter
  • Sealer

WOW Dish

The Well-of-the-Well (WOW) is designed with flexibility of application in mind, with 16 microwells optimized for embryo development, another 16 optimized for time-lapse compatibility, and three additional wells for equilibration and wash.
Culture embryos for the full six-day period in the wells to benefit from a range of advantages that come with replication the in vivo microenvironment.
  1. New method of culture of Zona-inciuded or Zona-free embryos: the well of the well (WOW) system Vajta G, Peura TT, Holm P, Paldi A, Greve T, Trounson AO, Callesen H. |
  2. Molecular Reproduction and Development. 2000;55:256-264 The Well-of-the-Well system: an efficient approach to improve embryo development Vajta G, Korosi Tm Du Y, Nakata K, leda S, Kuwayama M, Nagy ZP. | Reprod Biomed Online. 2008; 17(1):73-81
  3. Vitrification in assisted reproduction;myths,mistakes, disbeliefs and confusion. Vajta G, Nagy ZP, Cobo A, Conceicao J, Yovich J. I Reprod Biomed Online.2009;19 Suppl 3:1-7.



For retrieval of Open Pulled Straw after opening.


The tool for sealing the container straw of OPS during vitrification proces/div>
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